Things you Should Know about Power Dressing

Power dressing was first popularized in the 80s when the ultimate corporate guy exhibited his ascendancy, success, self-assurance and professionalism through his fashion style. Male power dressing was characterized by padded shoulders on boxy single breasted or double breasted suits, dress shirts and ties and almost always in dark colors – very formal, very structured. Now, power dressing is back, minus the structured look of the 80s. The contemporary male power dressing is more streamlined, more fitted. Here are the components of male power dressing in the 21st century:

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The power suit
The foundation of male power dressing is the power suit. It is not just any ordinary suit, it is a suit intended make you look and feel like a million dollars. A bespoke suit is of course the best, but if it is going to break the bank, then be content with an off-the –rack Italian double breasted suit with higher armhole and narrow lapels, but have it altered by a tailor to fit you perfectly. Choose from among the neutral colors of black, navy or gray and better yet get yourself at least two, a gray flannel suit and a navy two-button suit. The look should be trim, elegant and one that commands respect.

The dress shirt
For male power dressing, nothing would do but a French cuff dress shirt. The sophisticated and polished look of French cuff dress shirt is the perfect addition to the power suit for that distinguished and superior look you want to convey. Get yourself several pieces- a white, light blue and pinstripe. Give the ensemble a finishing touch by wearing no less than perfect sterling silver cufflinks.

The only pair of shoes for male power dressing is black leather shoes or black patent leather shoes. Invest in good quality black leather shoes or shiny black patent shoes and pair them with bold color dress socks that match your tie or your pocket square to add more dash and interest to the whole ensemble.

Italian Fashion has been well known in the fashion industry.Here are some things you should about it.

Elegance is the essence of Italian life. Most Italians will give up anything to achieve elegance. Fashion to Italians is almost an obsession. All you need to do is to sit around the piazzas or side walk cafés and watch the Italian males strut around in their latest sartorial elegance. Maybe this is the reason why some of the most famous fashion designers are either Italians or are based in Italy.

Italian fashion usually heralds the fashion trends that the rest of the world follows. These are usually trends that flaunt the wearer’s best assets and conceal the imperfections. But Italians are also very sensible people, they do follow trends but they also are conscious about durability, timelessness and authenticity of their clothes. For Italians, clothes are not everything. Italian fashion is a way of life, a mind-set of classiness, custom-made and smoothness.

It pays to be aware of the Italian fashion trend if a guy wants to be ahead in the fashion game. And it is not difficult to know what the Italians are wearing, it is very easily available. A click of an internet button, a peek at all the most exclusive boutiques, even a stroll at all the big shopping malls, Italian fashion will confront you.

One of the most well-known Italian fashion houses is Dolce & Gabbana founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana who are as prolific in their designs today as when they started. They offer not only clothes but also accessories such as perfume, sun glasses and the like for both men and women. The Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection was focused around unconventional tailoring in texture, color and dimensions inspired by innovative fashion icon and musician Bryan Ferry. This eccentric chic is explicitly articulated in a short red jacket paired with trousers with a loose fit and tight cuff.

The House of Valentino, another celebrated Italian fashion house, on the other hand, incorporated contemporary edge to sartorial elegance. Their fall/winter collection is centered on fine tailoring and luxurious knits – outerwear with leather and fur details, warm customized cashmere cardigans and custom hoodies, leather peacoats, duffel jackets and classic suits.