Beat Hair Loss and Baldness with Hair Transplantation

One of the many problems of men all of ages is receding hair may it just be simple hair loss or practically balding, medically named alopecia. This provides a great impact in men’s self-confidence. It makes them feel ashamed to socialize. In turn, they wear wigs to conceal this insecurity.

For those who want some type of intervention to this. Check out this article about hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a surgical treatment of extracting hair from the different parts of one’s body and putting it on the head to cover up some bald spots. This is considered the last resort if all other hair growing methods should fail.


 Though this can be pricy, some people still undergo the procedure to help them with their self-confidence. How do they do hair transplantation, you ask? Well, basically hair transplant is done by using the permanent border hair in the region of the back of the scalp, also can take some at the sides of the back. This particular region of hair in particular to those people who have been having enduring longstanding problems with male-pattern baldness is the part called the donor-dominant hair.

 These types of hair are the ones that can still grow on their own, despite being removed from their origin, to any part of the body that they are placed. This is just a minor type of surgery in which the anesthesia required for this procedure is just local. After local anesthetic has been provided, the specialist removes a group of follicles from the donor-dominant hair region and makes divisions in a form of a graft. Once these grafts are ready for transplantation, they are carefully inserted to the areas that are affected by the baldness (of course, the same area which was provided local anesthesia).

The duration of the procedure will greatly depend on the severity of the baldness and how many are the areas where hair transplantation will be made. In some cases, the patient will be required to come back to the clinic to finish some patching sessions. After the said procedure, healing will commence. Scarring is expected of the sites but eventually since the hair will grow and cover the area completely, these scars will be no longer a problem. Scabs are also expected to be seen at the affected areas, but these are of no significant concern and will heal in due time. Read more about hair transplant Melbourne to get the quality services if you reside in Melbourne. 

Though full recovery of the bald spots may require some time, do not worry, as hair transplant is a very effective procedure. Also, you might notice some hair fall from the follicles postsurgery, but don’t be alarmed, this is just a normal process and will recover in a month or two. So those of you who have problems with baldness have no fear. Hair transplantation is here to fill those gaps, literally. No more wearing of wigs, hats, or caps when going outside or facing other people. There is no more need to feel bare with the loss of hair